Seafood Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Button mushroom caps stuffed with our
own seafood stuffing and topped with
baked provolone cheese $7.99

Stuffed Portobella Caps
Portobella mushroom caps grilled with
Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing, homemade
artichoke dip and provolone cheese $7.49

Jumbo Soft Pretzel
Deep fried or baked soft pretzel served
with choice of dipping sauce $2.29

Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip
A blend of artichokes, spinach and provolone
cheese, served inside a lightly
toasted bread bowl $6.99

Nachos Grandé
Taco chips baked and piled high with
taco meat, colby cheese, tomatoes,
bell peppers, onions and tomatoes.
Served with a side of sour cream and taco sauce $9.99

Nacho Chips & Cheese
A jumbo basket filled with fresh chips and
served with our nacho cheese for dipping $3.99

Basket of Fries
$2.49 add nacho cheese $2.99

Vince’s Snack Basket
A variety of trail bologna and
cheese served with mustard $4.95

Fried Appetizer Platter
A great combo of 6 items below and also
our jumbo pretzel - perfect for sharing!
Served with cheese sauce, marinara & ranch $8.99

Deep Fried Mushrooms • Hot Poppers • Fried Pickles
Mozzarella Sticks • Onion Rings • Fried Cheese Ravioli

~Homemade Soups~

Cup $1.99 Bowl $2.99

Beer Chili
Homemade chili seasoned just right

Cheese & Broccoli
A delicious cheese base served
piping hot with broccoli florets

New England Clam Chowder
A classic chowder soup packed with clams

Italian Wedding
An Italian classic with chicken & meatballs,
greens, pastina and Italian herbs

Crock of French Onion Soup
A crock of homemade French onion soup topped with
croutons and blend of cheeses - it’s out of this world!! $2.99

All Soups made fresh every day


House Tossed Salad
Serve with provolone cheese & croutons $1.95

Chef Salad
Ham, pepperoni, American & provolone cheeses,
tomatoes, and cucumbers on a fresh
bed of iceberg lettuce $6.49

Deluxe Salad
A Vegetarian Chef Salad - Greens topped with cheese,
celery, mushrooms and olives $4.69

Taco Salad
Fresh lettuce with taco meat, colby cheese, veggies &
taco chips. Served with a side of taco sauce $6.99

Pennsylvania Salad
A hearty salad topped with tomatoes, cukes, cheese & fries
STEAK $8.49 CHICKEN $7.99

Golden Italian • Ranch • Western French
Blue Cheese • Fat Free French • Dijon Honey Mustard
Balsamic Vinaigrette • Sweet & Sour

~Main Dishes~

Baby Back Ribs
Hickory smoked ribs served with your choice
of baked potato or fries $18.99

Delmonico Steak
A 16 oz. cut that’s thick, juicy and grilled to perfection
with your choice of baked potato or fries $18.99

Black Angus Steak
8 oz. of certified Angus beef marinated and char-grilled
with your choice of baked potato or fries $14.99

Raspberry Chicken
A grilled chicken breast basted with raspberry
vinaigrette. Served with baked potato or fries $11.99

Chicken Parmigiana
Tender chicken breast smothered in tomato sauce and
melted cheese with pasta on the side $11.99

Chicken Marsala
Tender chicken breast, onions and mushrooms in
marsala sauce with choice of potato $11.99

Chicken Alfredo
Fettucine topped with chicken and a rich alfredo sauce $10.99

Fresh grilled and seasoned meat served with grilled green
peppers, onions and flour tortillas. Salsa, sour cream, tomatoes,
lettuce, and tortilla chips on the side Chicken or Steak $11.99

Italian Feast
Made from a family recipe topped with our own sauce

(All Dinners served with a side salad & homemade bread)

~Seafood Dishes~

Garlic Shrimp Pasta
Tender shrimp in garlic butter sauce over pasta $11.99

Seafood Alfredo
Shrimp, scallops and crab in alfredo $11.99

Shrimp Scampi
Tender shrimp in garlic butter sauce
served with choice of potato $11.99

Jumbo Butterflied Shrimp
Shrimp deep fried served with choice of potato $9.99

Fish Sandwich **
Deep fried cod filet served on a hoagie bun with french fries.
Lettuce and tomato upon request $6.99

Baked Stuffed Cod **
Cod fillet stuffed with shrimp, scallops,
crab with your choice of potato $12.99

Baked Cod **
Cod fillet with parmesan/breadcrumb topping
served with your choice of potato $10.99

Fried Cod **
Served with potato $8.49


(All Dinners served with a side salad & homemade bread)

~Deli Sanwiches~

Tavern Burger
1/2 lb. lean beef - American cheese & your
choice of toppings, served with fries $6.49

Meatball Hoagie
 Freshly made meatballs stuffed in a delicious
bun and covered with provolone cheese $6.29

Super Sub
Ham, salami, cheese, lettuce, tomato,
onion and Italian dressing $6.29

Philly Cheese Steak
Sliced beef, provolone cheese,
onion & peppers $6.29

Turkey Sub
Sliced turkey, American cheese, lettuce,
tomato, onion and mayo $6.29

Grilled Chicken Breast
Lettuce, tomato and mayo $6.29

Hot Sausage Sandwich
Sauce, provolone cheese, onions and peppers $6.29

Twin pita pockets stuffed with seasoned meat,
lettuce and tomato, served with tzatziki sauce $7.99

Add fries for $1.49


Hot Meatloaf Platter
Thick slices of meatloaf nested in homemade bread, topped
with gravy and served with fries $7.99

Pot Roast Melt Platter
Tender roast and melted cheese on
sourdough bread served with fries $7.99

Hot Roast Beef Platter
Slices of tender roast beef with homemade
bread and gravy, served with fries $7.99

Chicken Platter
Deep fried chicken planks served with
ranch dressing and fries $7.99


~Kids Menu~

Chicken Planks & Fries $3.50

French Bread Pizza & Fries $3.50

Spaghetti & Meatballs $3.50


Taco Pizza
Taco sauce, taco meat, colby cheese, onions,
bell peppers baked and topped with fresh tomatoes,
lettuce & taco chips. Served with a side of sour cream.
Medium $12.99 Large $14.99

White Pizza
Baked with garlic, parmesan & provolone cheese,
black olives & roasted red peppers.
Medium $12.99 Large $14.99

Philly Steak
Tender sliced steak over a ranch dressing base, topped with
onions and green peppers and smothered with provolone cheese.
Medium $12.99 Large $14.99

Chicken & Broccoli
Garlic and oil sauce topped with provolone and
cheddar cheese for this taste sensation.
Medium $12.99 Large $14.99

Seafood Pizza
Garlic butter sauce is topped with provolone cheese,
baby shrimp, bay scallops and crab meat!
Medium $12.99 Large $14.99

Bacon Cheeseburger
Fresh ground beef, smoked bacon and cheddar cheese create
this taste sensation. Topped with lettuce, tomato and onions.
Medium $12.99 Large $14.99

BBQ Chicken
Tender grilled chicken breast and our smokey BBQ are combined
with provolone and cheddar cheese for this taste sensation.
Medium $12.99 Large $14.99

~Create Your Own~

Italian Cheese Pizza with your choice of:
Pepperoni • Hot Sausage • Bell Peppers • Hot Peppers
Mushrooms • Onions • Black Olives • Bacon • Ham
Extra Cheese • Anchovies

Small (6 slice) - Cheese $7.99 toppings 89¢ each

Medium (8 slice) - Cheese $9.99 toppings $1.39 each

Large (10 slice) - Cheese $10.99 toppings $1.79 each



Please use our Printable Menu for all of your To-Go needs

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